Fall into Fashion

IT’S OCTOBER!!  Otherwise known as the month that I absolutely live for. Unfortunately I don’t get to be home this year to enjoy the beautiful Utah trees, carve pumpkins, and host trick-or-treaters with my family, but I did get to go home for a bit last week thanks to my little friend, Hurricane Matthew. I never thought I would be grateful for a hurricane, but it was so great to take a little break from classes and see my family. It’s also what I’m going to blame this late blog post on (I was going to post last week I swear, but I was busy you know… evacuating.) And another perk is that a lot of assignments were cancelled and midterms were postponed…. so feel free to come back around for finals, Matthew.  As for Savannah, it was hit pretty hard by Matthew but all of the students and faculty evacuated and stayed safe. By the time I got back the power was back and everything was pretty much back to normal, besides the occasional tree that is completely torn out of the ground and broken in half…but I’d say for the most part we were pretty lucky.

I’m glad I was able to take these photos last week before the storm, while all the pretty trees were still standing. Fall fashion is a little bit different for me this year since it’s still 80 degrees or hotter every day (which I’m not complaining about actually, because who else gets to go to the beach in October?) but it’s been really fun to find ways to wear summer styles and keep cool, but incorporate  fall colors. Here is one of my favorite looks that I styled for fall! Side note: I understand that these jeans are probably supposed to go to your ankles and not be cropped, but try being 6 feet tall and finding jeans that are long enough.. try it I dare you. So most of my jeans look cropped, which is actually a totally acceptable style right now, so I just like to pretend they are supposed to look like that. As for the jewelry, this layered necklace has been my favorite lately, it was a killer deal and it goes with pretty much everything.  I hope ya’ll like this look, remember to like and subscribe! And all of my outfit details are linked down below if you are interested in anything that I’m wearing in the post. Thanks for reading!

Ribbed lace up shirt (similar)

Green skinny jeans



Faux Leather Backpack

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