Dear November,

Here’s the bad news: Halloween is officially over (cries for days.)

But here’s the good news: It’s November, and November fashion is. my. favorite. ever.

It’s finally, FINALLY starting to cool off here in Savannah! And by “cool off” I mean it’s 75 degrees midday… But I’ll take any temperature less than 80 as an excuse to wear a cute sweater and cozy socks! So here I am, in a sweater. And socks. And boots. Dying of heat. But i’m so happy thinking about the fact that THIS MONTH I will be going back homefor break! (Mom here’s your shout out, I miss you!) I am mentally unprepared for all of the snow that will be in Utah when I come home… What is snow?

Okay so I did this shoot with my friend Olivia, she is seriously one of the most amazing people that I’ve met here, and we had way too much fun doing this shoot and goofing around. You all need to check out her blog, I promise you will love it. >>> We had so much fun playing around with colors and coordinating our outfits so that we would match and show you guys some of our favorite fall looks! Olivia has the spunkiest and funnest style, and the whole day we kept joking around that we looked like little french girls in the cafe, or little cartoon characters.We are definitely going to do more collaborations (Liv you don’t get a choice, we just have to.)

I think the whole fashion universe can agree that the best colors for this November are neutral tones, forest green, maroon, and mustard yellow. So we did our best to incorporate these colors into our looks for this shoot. I can’t wait to do more fall blog posts, because I live for over-sized sweaters, layering, and allllllll of the Urban Outfitter boots. Seriously. I need all of them. I also can’t stop buying chokers, I don’t care if Dads everywhere think they look like shoelaces, I’m in love with them. I get most of my chokers at Rue 21, so check them out if you want some really cheap ones! I hope you guys love these photos as much as I do, this has definitely been my favorite shoot to date! Thanks for reading, remember to like and subscribe! Both me and Olivia’s outfit details will be linked below. Bye!

xoxo, Bri.


Boots: Urban Outfitter boots

Sweater: Yellow sweater (similar)

Skirt: JCrew Pleated Skirt

Choker: Black wrap choker

Socks: JCrew Socks (similar)


Dress// Marshall’s

Hat// Forever 21

Scarf// Thrifted

Boots// Forvever 21

Socks// Forever 21

Photographer: Hannah Westbrook ❤️

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