On Wednesdays we wear pink


Hello again, lovelies. I hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far. And if you’re not… well join the club, but it’s hump day we can do this! (Or is it Trump day?…. sorry I had to.) I haven’t had time to take any blog pictures this week because sometimes I forget I’m in college and have homework and stuff, but I remembered I never shared these photos that my friend Sara took a couple weeks ago! I decided that I wanted to do an ALL pink outfit. Because sometimes I just feel like dressing like a Hillary Duff Barbie doll, and I go to an art school so anything goes…. like literally anything. You wouldn’t believe the outfits and hairstyles I see on the daily. Trust me, I’m under-dressed color wise.

I’m so lucky to live in such a beautiful city with such an amazing campus! There are always the coolest places to take pictures. One of my favorite places is the courtyard. It  looks just like a little dollhouse, complete with giant plastic furniture surrounded by walls and windows, but no ceiling. So I thought this would be the perfect place to take pictures while dressed like a barbie doll.  It was so fun! Anyways here’s a little pink to brighten your day.  Outfit details below! MWAH 💋

Xoxo Bri


Jacket: Banana Republic

Dress: Loft

Bag: DSW

Shoes: Reebok (similar)

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