10 little things


Welp, my first quarter at SCAD is coming to a close here in Savannah, and I can’t wait to go home for a whole MONTH in just two days! *heart eyes* but before I head home for the holidays I decided to make a blog post about ten things I learned while in Savannah for these three months. And I also included some random photos of a random outfit I was wearing, so there you have it. I have learned so much here and I’ve had the best experiences with some of the greatest people I’ve ever met. So anyway, without further ado, here are the top 10 things I’ve learned in/about Savannah!

  1. Jaywalking here is normal. It is okay. It is necessary. Mom don’t read this part: me and my friends literally run across any street whether the light is red or not, because you WILL be stuck on the street corner for 15 minutes before the light changes. this leads us to the next one:
  2. Taking risks is so important. This is applicable to a variety of things. Taking risks with artwork, taking risks with style, taking risks with your job, risking your life… okay maybe that last one isn’t super smart but it’s kinda fun.
  3. BE YOURSELF. I cannot even tell you the variety of people that I have met here. There are people that twirl batons in their underwear outside my dorm at midnight. There is a club of people that have a giant Nerf gun war every Thursday night. There is a girl who wears thigh-high, white, bejeweled, alligator cowboy boots to class every day (yes you read that right). I used to be totally weirded out by all of the people that go to this school, but then I realized how amazing it is that I go to a school that teaches people to be themselves and accepts them no matter what. I think we could all be a little bit less judgmental and  a little more accepting. You wear those alligator cowboy boots to class girl. You go Glen Coco.
  4. Target is magical. If Target didn’t exist, I wouldn’t exist. Literally. I would be dead because I wouldn’t be able to buy those pita chips I like. And like…. sticky notes and stuff.
  5. Hard work pays off. Hard work pays off. Hard work pays off. Except sometimes it doesn’t and you get a C on something you busted your butt on. Keep going and work harder.
  6. Breakdowns are okay. I would know.
  7. Netflix is an ENEMY not a friend. You’ll start a project telling yourself you can multi-task and work on your homework AND watch Gossip Girl, but before you know it it’s 3:00 am and you just HAVE to know if Serena and Dan are going to get back together.
  8. Nobody likes Dan.
  9. Be on time! I struggle with this one actually, time management is not my forte. But I’ve realized that professors (and just people in general) will take you more seriously if you arrive on time and ready to work. Does knowing this stop me from running in 5 minutes late to my English class every morning with messy hair and third day make up? No. But I’m working on it.
  10. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints offers true happiness and joy. I am so grateful for my religion and I am so grateful that after moving across the country from my family I felt completely loved and accepted by the people of the church. Sunday morning is always the best part of my week. I get a lot of questions and ridicule about my religion, and I’m grateful that I have been taught right by my parents and church leaders and that I am able to stand up for what I believe in! I’ve found true happiness in this gospel and I have learned for myself how much I truly love and believe in it.

Thanks for reading this weird little post, I hope that you all enjoyed my random tangents. I can’t wait to come home and see all of my awesome family and friends! See you in TWO DAYS Utah!!!!

Outfit Details

Shirt: Loft


Necklace: Loft

Hat: Kendall + Kylie

Pants: American Eagle

Shoes: Maurice’s

xoxo Bri

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