Red Clover, Red Clover send winter on over.


Hey guys! It’s me again, I’m back in Utah for a whole month and I honestly couldn’t be happier about it. The one thing I’m not happy about, however, is how freaking cold it is. The day I left Savannah (December 2nd) it was 82 degrees. 82! There should be a way to capitalize numbers, because I’m trying to yell that at you. 82!! Compared to Utah, which was 23 degrees when I landed, I’m not prepared for this. But, even with the frigid cold it’s still fun to wear cute dresses (with a lot of winter gear obvi) and this dress has been my favorite lately! I got this adorable dress from the folks over at Red Clover Boutique and I. Am. Obsessed. I literally hung it up in my closet and refused to touch it until I had to do the pictures for this blog post because it is beautiful and suede and I didn’t want to ruin it. Perks of being accident prone amiright? But now I can wear it whenever I want and trust me, that will be often. It fits like a gem and it’s a gorgeous color for the holidays, not to mention the adorable tassels on the halter neck and hem. If you want this dress make sure and strike quickly because its almost sold out in every size, I’ll link it down below! In some of the pictures I am wearing this dress with a cozy duster from Madison and Sixth, and in the other ones I have on a long grey cardi from Forever 21. Because, as much as I don’t want to hide this gorgeous dress, it’s also *I repeat* 23 degrees outside and a girl needs some coverage okay. Anyways, be sure to check out Red Clover Boutique here >> if you need some last minute gift ideas or just want some cute new stuff for the holidays for yourself 😉  they have the cutest stuff, so shop at your own risk. Use the code “SALE40” to get 40% off at checkout! whooo!!! Also, stay tuned for my $20 and under holiday gift guide coming soon! Thanks for reading!

Dress: Suede Tassel Dress

Duster: Madison and Sixth (Sold out)

Shoes: Seychelles black heels

Earrings: Kate Spade

Photographer: Abbie Peterson

xoxo Bri



This post is sponsored by Red Clover Boutique, text and opinions reflected are mine and are authentic.

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