A Poor Girl’s Holiday Gift Guide


Christmas is coming up!! 17 days to be exact,  it’s not like I have a paper chain countdown like a seven year old or something…. Okay maybe I do. But that’s because Christmas is AWESOME! As a kid obviously the best part of Christmas was the pile of gifts downstairs on Christmas morning (Well… I’m still totally stoked about that) BUT, as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to realize that GIVING gifts is actually one of the best parts of Christmas, buying things for people is actually so fun! That being said, giving gifts is expensive. And me being a college student, I do not have the money to spend on gifts that drain my bank account (all $9.36 of it… yeah.) SOOO I put together this awesome holiday gift guide of presents all under $20 in hopes that it will help you guys find a perfect present for everybody this holiday season that you can buy right here, right now. Here we go

  1. BEANIES! Honestly, If you don’t know what to get a girl for Christmas (your girlfriend, your sister, your niece, your best friend’s cousin’s sister’s aunt’s babysitter, whatever.) then a beanie is the way to go. Every girl, whether she admits it or not, has a stash of cute warm beanies in some dresser drawer that she pulls out every winter. It does not hurt to add to this adorable and cozy collection. I REPEAT: it does not hurt. Pom pom beanies are so adorable and super trendy, and this super cute one from Amazon just happens to be on sale for $13.99, and in so many colors! You can also mix and match and get two for $19.99!! Shop it here>>  Pom Pom Beanieimg_1422
  2. Phone Chargers! This one seems pretty obvious, but think about it. We all have phones. We all get frustrated when our cord doesn’t reach our bed from all the way across the room. So I found this (cuuute) 10 ft phone charger for only $12.50. It is the perfect stocking stuffer or a gift for a friend! Shop it here >>Long Phone Charger
  3.  PLANTS. Did you know you can buy mini plants on Amazon? You can. And they are adorable. There is some kind of plant craze going around right now and I am totally on board even though I have like the opposite of a green thumb (a red thumb..?) The point is, if you are shopping for a teenage girl, a cute little plant would be the perfect unique yet inexpensive gift. There is a deal for THREE  REAL CUTE PLANTS for $15.98 on Amazon. I am hooking you guys up so good >> Desk Plants3 Different Aloe Plants - Easy to grow/Hard to Kill! - 3" Pots
  4. Phone case. Everyone needs a new phone case, It’s fun to have options! Phone cases are cheap and make great stocking stuffers, or a good small gift for a secret Santa exchange, or for someone who has an ugly phone case and you want to help them out a little without telling them their phone case sucks. This phone case is super stylish and modern and (brace yourself) EIGHT BUCKS>>  Marble Phone Case
  5. Makeup Organizer. For just 12 bucks, you won’t have to worry about your daughter’s makeup being all over the counter or her bedroom floor. I have one of these and it was an investment let me tell ya. Seriously, every girl needs one. Whether or not she says she does, she does. Buy it. >> Makeup Organizer
  6. Pocket knife. This one is for the dudes (or girls that like knives I guess.) Every time I am struggling to find something to get one of my brothers I go for a pocket knife. Apparently boys can never have to many sharp and dangerous items. So here’s a neat one for only $18 and you can also personalize it for free! So give your dad or boyfriend the gift of trusting them with a sharp object… again. >> Personalized Pocket KnifePersonalized-Laser Engraved Wood Handle Pocket Knife-Groomsmen Gifts-Best Man Gift
  7. Makeup! You can’t really go wrong with this one. It doesn’t matter what girl you are shopping for, she WILL run out of mascara eventually. A friend introduced me to Bare Mineral’s mascara a while back and it is seriously incredible. I promise. Buy it here and change someone’s life >> Best Mascara Ever

Bare Minerals Lash Domination 10-In-1 Volumizing Mascara 0.37 oz

8. Still with me? JEWELRY. I’m sure you’ve all heard me talk about Jo N Arrow, but I’m gonna talk about them some more. All of their new stuff for the holidays is sooo cute and if you click this link and sign up for the newsletter you can get 10% off! Every girl wants new jewelry for the holidays. >> Jo N Arrow Jewelry

Beaded Bar Necklace - Jo N Arrow

That’s all for this blog post! I really hope this helped y’all come up with some good gift ideas! See ya next time

xoxo Bri

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