Polar (bear sweater) express


Hello! I’m back again with another outfit for you, and these pictures turned out so fun! My best friend is a photography wizard, these are my favorite ones yet 🙂 this post is going to be very short because my laptop is broken which is what I usually write my blog posts on, so I’m doing this on my phone through my (very) cracked screen. So hey, Apple, if you want to sponsor me and send me a new phone that would be cool. I’d like a rose gold 7 please. Anyway, dressing for winter in Utah is fun because you can layer up but it’s also not fun because your toes and fingers freeze no matter how many layers of socks or gloves you wear. But this sweater is the warmest, coziest, softest sweater I’ve ever owned or seen in my whole life. I got it at Banana Republic (for 30% off heyyyyy) and it’s honestly the best clothing investment I’ve ever made. They also have it in light pink and grey, but this polar bear style was really calling my name. Who doesn’t love blending in with the snow? Also: Utah if you insist on being 20° every day then you could at least give us some snow for sledding, mucho gracias. Another amazing investment was this Kate Spade bag, the color makes me so happy! And I’m glad it doesn’t go with everything so that it prevents me from using the same purse way too much, because it’s definitely my favorite.

Well that’s all for today since typing this on my phone through a broken screen is torture.. and I can’t even link my details down below, dumb phone 😦 hopefully my laptop will be up and running soon!

love you all thanks for reading!

Xoxo Bri

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