Ode to Anthro

Hey friends, I took a little bit of a break but I’m back! Honestly when I started this blog I underestimated the time and work it would take to manage, and I struggle to keep up with myself. That being said, running this blog has been the funnest thing ever! I love having somewhere I can document my outfits, and I love collaborating with cool companies and trying out new trends. Hopefully I will have more time to take post, but school just started back up and I’m busier than ever, so we will see how that goes. Now it’s time to talk about arguably the best clothing store known to man (drum roll please….) Anthropologie! I have been obsessed with Anthro for as long as I can remember, probably because my Mom is some kind of Anthro goddess and she raised me right 😉  In this post I am showing you five of my favorite dresses from Anthropologie, some of them are a little bit older so not all of them are still available online, so sad :(. Let me start off by saying, Anthro can get kinda expensive I’m sure you all know. BUT, it is like 100% guaranteed that anything you buy will become your new favorite item and your cost per wear will become extremely low. They are such investment pieces, because they are great quality and will hold up forever! I bought a sweater from them just a couple of weeks ago and I’ve already worn it three times with different outfits, and I’m planning on doing a blog post about it soon because it’s like the only sweater you’ll ever need. They are also having a big sale right now! If you go to their website and use the code “TAGTIME” you’ll get 40% off at checkout! It’s so awesome! http://www.anthropologie.com make sure and check out this sale while it’s still going on, and enter your email so you can get coupons and get notified when things go on sale, because those Anthropologie sale emails are like little presents in your inbox.

I did this shoot last month, while I was still in Utah (which was so so fun btw) and so it was an average of like 15 degrees every day… yeah. These were hard photos to take, because nobody should ever wear a dress in the winter… like ever. And Abbie is a trooper for braving the cold with me just to get these pics. Also, trying to shimmy on a tight dress in the back of a car on Provo center street isn’t exactly a party either. But I did have a lot of fun styling these outfits and I’m really excited to show you guys these fun dresses! I’m going to do a new year’s resolution post soon, so keep an eye out for that! Thanks for reading

xoxo Bri

Photo Cred: My cute BFF Abbie Peterson took these photos and you should all check her out and book some sessions with her, because she’s super duper talented and deserves a lot of business! 🙂 her insta is @abbie_peterson


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