Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your (fake) hair


Hi guys!! Today was such a good day! And I’m feelin super motivated so I’m getting these pictures up on the blog way early, and I feel like an over achiever… Even though I’ve been sitting in my bed eating Mac n Cheese and watching Hairspray for the last two hours. Hey, you win some you lose some.

Well I guess the first thing I want to talk about is something that a lot of people have been asking me about lately, which is my new extensions! I’ve had sooooo many people text/snapchat/dm me about them asking a bunch of questions so I figured I’d answer some of them on here. I’ve wanted extensions literally since I cut my hair like a year and a half ago. I chopped like 6 or 7 inches off and I hated it… and then I loved it.. and then I hated it. My hair DOESN’T GROW. It just doesn’t, ever. In the whole year and a half since I chopped my hair, it’s grown mayyyybee an inch. maybe. I was getting real frustrated that my hair couldn’t get past my shoulders so I finally decided to ask for these bad boys for my birthday. They are from one of my favorite bloggers, Amber Fillerup’s, extension line called barefoot blonde hair. Basically there’s about 10 wefts of hair and they just clip in. It’s super simple. I have to wake up like an hour earlier now though to get them all in, but honestly it’s so worth it! I have been loooovvvving them. And they actually blend pretty well! They don’t match my hair color exactly, they are a little warmer, so I’m thinking about possibly dying or toning them just a little bit, but I’m not sure yet. If you want to check out her extensions, you can look at her website here . I highly recommend getting some because they are really easy to style and it’s so much fun to have super long hair. I might do a tutorial soon for those who are interested, but I hope this answered your burning extension questions.

Okey Dokey, onto my outfit. I have been LIVING for this jacket lately, you guys it’s stunning. And it’s really nice for a lazy girl like me because it’s so pretty on it’s own that I don’t even have to wear it open with a cute shirt under it, I can just wear it by itself and it looks like I put together a well-thought out outfit even though I definitely just threw it on as I was running out the door. It’s from Anthropologie and you can get it here and my pants are also from Anthro, which you can get here. Alsoooo some exciting news regarding Anthropologie (well it’s actually old news, but I haven’t blogged about it, so it’s new to you!) I entered an Anthropologie style contest about a month or so ago, where you were supposed to style your clothes from Anthropologie and make cute outfits with one or more Anthro piece and post it on an app called WEAR (it’s like Instagram but it’s only for style, it’s fun.) So I pulled out my favorite Anthro clothes and I entered a few different times, and then I kind of forgot about it. AND THEN like a couple weeks later I got an email saying that I WON! I literally couldn’t believe it and I had to email it to my dad so he could check and make sure it wasn’t a scam or something, because guys I neevvverrrr win anything. ever. So I was actually in shock. But low and behold, I actually did win the contest and all of my wildest Anthropologie dreams came true. I won a $1000 gift card for the ultimate shopping spree, and I have been having so. much. fun. I decided not to spend it all at once because I knew they would be getting in a ton of new stuff for spring and summer that I would want. So I’ve been casually stopping by Anthro like once a week when I pass it and buying a couple things here and there. I think I’ve tried on literally everything in the store and the employees there are so sick of me, but I don’t even care. I’m sharing this because I want to inspire you all to enter more of those random contests that you think nobody really wins, because you might just end up with an epic shopping spree. I can’t wait to share more of my Anthro haul with you guys in my next few blog posts!!!! I’ve also entered like a thousand contests since I won that one…. with no such luck. But now I know it’s possible so I’m going to keep trying hahahahah.

Alright that’s all for today, little beans. Have a good Tuesday, and go enter a lot of contests!!!!!!


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