Eye Spy all White

Howdy friends! Happy Thursday! You know what that means (for me at least) it’s weekend time! Weee!! I’m not gonna lie to y’all, it has been one rough week. You know those days where literally nothing goes right and it’s just one thing after another?? Yeah, that’s been this whole week for me. So I’m breathing a huge sigh of relief now that it’s the weekend and I have some time to cool down. One good thing though, it that I was finally able to purchase these earrings I’ve had my eye on for a while, and I finally had an excuse to wear this pretty dress from Banana Republic that I got for Easter but ended up not wearing. But before I get into outfit details, I know that half of you are probably only on here to read the story about my student conduct hearing that I had this week, and I don’t blame you, it’s very entertaining (and extremely frustrating of course).So basically, let me start off by saying I’m a pretty messy person. My room’s not usually very clean, I’m unorganized, and I can usually never find a matching pair of socks. Do I like it that way? Absolutely not, I just have no time and no motivation to get myself to put things away. One day I will learn to be a responsible adult, I swear. So anyway, a couple weeks ago I was in South Carolina for the day with a friend. While I was gone my suite-mate, Mia, called me and said that our RA had come to do room checks while I was out of town. Basically, neither me or Mia have roommates right now because our old ones moved out, so we both have an extra bed, desk, and closet in our room. Apparently we are supposed to keep the other side of the room “clean and ready” at all times in case we all of the sudden randomly get a roommate. So when our RA was doing room checks he noticed that I had my sewing machine on the vacant desk, and a few things (backpack, clothes) sitting on the other bed. So he told Mia that I had 48 hours to clean and that he would come back and check. So Mia called me to tell me all of this, and I was annoyed that he had gone in my room while I was out of town but I was like okay whatever homeboy, I’ll clean my room I’m not trying to get into trouble. So I got home from South Carolina and I moved the stuff off of the other side of the room and waited for them to come check. Three days later, I still hadn’t seen anybody come by. So I asked Mia if she knew when he was coming by to check, and she said that she ran into him in the hallway the day before and asked him if he was going to come check our rooms and he said AND I QUOTE “I’m not coming back to check. I really don’t give a sh*t if your rooms are clean or not. You’re fine.” So Mia passed this message on to me and she had witnesses that he said that and everything. So I was like alright cool, no harm no foul. And I just forgot about it. AND THEN. a few days later I get an email from residence life and housing SUMMONING ME TO A HEARING. They didn’t specify what it was about, they just decided to scare the snot out of me by saying that I had a hearing to show up to on Friday and that if I didn’t come then action would be taken against me and blah blah blah. But they sent this email on a Wednesday! So I only had two days notice like excuse me I have a life. So I emailed back asking to reschedule because I had to go to work. They didn’t give two craps about my work life, as expected, and emailed back saying that I had just acquired another violation by not showing up. So I’m like GREAT could this week possibly get any better? So I show up to my new hearing date, and I’m so nervous because I don’t know what I did, and I thought I was a pretty good kid and I have good grades and I follow the rules and everything. So she looks at me and straight up says (with a very serious look) “You are here because you have violated the student code of conduct by not obeying instructions given to you by an RA and cleaning your room within the allotted 48 hours.” And I was FUMING. I was like GURL HE TOLD ME HE DIDN’T CARE IF MY ROOM WAS CLEAN. Like I literally did exactly what he asked and he never came back to check!!! I’m totally ranting right now, but this blog is sort of becoming like a journal so just bear with me. So I told the lady who was “trying me” all of this and she said she would conduct an “investigation”. BECAUSE APPARENTLY MESSY ROOMS ARE A BIG DEAL AROUND HERE. So she sent me away and said she would have the verdict within a few days. So they conduct their little investigation and I was feeling pretty dang confident that he was going to get in trouble for writing me up without checking my room, and I was totally prepared for them to come by and talk to me or my suite-mate or check the current status of my room. But nobody came, just an email. A freaking email saying that I was found GUILTY of this hEINOUS CRIME. So basically I was charged with A) failing to report to a hearing after a summons letter was issued by an officer. and B) failing to complete instructions given to me by authority of the University. So I now have these two marks on my disciplinary record, and they are making me take AN ONLINE COURSE ABOUT EFFECTIVE DECISION MAKING. Because as a full time student working a part time job and trying to get good grades I totally have time to add an online decision making course into the mix. I know I’m being extremely dramatic but it’s been a hard week okay!!! I mean, y’all know I love my school so so much, I really do. But this is absolutely ridiculous. I never even had any direct contact with the RA, he never reached out to me, never called me, anything. I wouldn’t have even known that he stopped by if Mia hadn’t told me. And I cleaned my dang room within 48 hours as requested, WHAT MORE DO THEY WAAANNNTT?! But basically there’s nothing I can do now. Moral of story: you might be summoned to a hearing and acquire a violation if you don’t clean you room. OR you might be summoned to a hearing and acquire a violation if you DO clean your room. Because people are idiots. Yes moral of story is that people are idiots. BUT on a more positive note, huge shoutout to my mama for sending me the sweetest care package from home that brightened my week, and to Abbie for sending me the prettiest flowers because she knows how down I’ve been. I’m literally so blessed I can’t even be too mad about my dumb hearing and my crappy week.

Wow that was a lot longer of a rant than I intended it to be! But I just thought I’d give you guys a little update on my criminal behavior. If you’re interested in my outift, the dress is sold out now, but you can get a similar one with cute scallops here and if you want to check out where I got these earrings, follow @bykathyaslan on Instagram. She makes THE coolest earrings, I literally have a little fund for myself for Kathy Aslan earrings that I just put a few bucks in every time I get cash. Not even kidding, I love them so much. A lot of them are made using patches, so they look really cool but they’re not even heavy at all. I would definitely recommend giving them a follow! Well that’s all until next time, folks. Thanks for reading this completely unnecessary random post. ily all.

xoxo Bri

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