Georgia Dream

Heyo!! Welcome back to the blog for your daily dose of random rants, food talk, and fashion inspo. Today’s look is from a couple of days ago, and features these gorgeous embroidered pants from Anthropologie (where else?!) I can’t believe that this is one of the last blog posts that I will posting as a freshman in college, this year has gone by so so fast!! But at the same time it’s kind of dragging on, and I’m really ready to be done. But I also don’t want to leave. Mixed feelings. BUt yoU GUYS I leave for Florence in 21 days!!! I’m beyond excited, I can’t wait to spend a month studying fashion and art in Europe with my bestie. I literally can’t wait. We’re also making plans to go to Austria and possibly Switzerland while we’re over there, so get pumped for those blog posts because they’re going to be rad. Super rad. Honestly there’s not a whole lot else going on in my life right now (besides fan girling over Miley’s new song and Harry’s new album obvi) so I don’t have too much to update you guys on, no crazy stories today unfortunately. I’m thinking about making a blog post in a couple weeks showing all of the projects that I made freshman year and kind of talking about SCAD a little bit for those who are interested, so if you think that’s a dumb idea then speak now.

As for this outfit, you can find the jeans here and the top I’m wearing is also from Anthro and you can get it here – And this top is only $58 which is highly unusual for Anthro and its very cute and versatile and comfy and it comes in three different colors! Highly recommend. My sandals are from Steve Madden but they are sold out :(( but you can get an almost exact pair at target for only 20 bucks! Shop them here .

Well, friends, I think that’s all for today because I really don’t have much time, and I’m so exhausted that my eyes keep closing without my permission and my contacts are starting to burn… SO I hope you all have a fantastic rest of your weekend and listen to Harry Style’s album on repeat!!


xoxo Bri

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