Sugar rush


What’s up nerds?! (get it…like the candy hehee) Today’s blog post is a little bit different than my normal posts, because it’s not actually about fashion *world explodes* I just really wanted to share these creative and fun pictures from a photo shoot I recently participated in. I’ve noticed that my blog has really become kind of like a journal for me, and it’s fun to look back and look at what I did during certain weeks and stuff, so I figured I’d keep it going by just kind of throwing in fun pictures and stories here and there. So I was recruited for this photo shoot by someone who is a Fashion Marketing major and was looking to shoot some Candy Land inspired photos for some kind of mock magazine spread I think. Obviously I jumped at the opportunity because the thought of gluing candy to my face sounded really fun I guess ?? And I was totally right. We were in the studio for I think like 4 or 5 hours, because the makeup and hair artist (shout out to you two, you rock) had to change my entire look in between every outfit, and the lighting also had to be changed for every look. It was so fun to goof off and eat a lot of candy and get to know the Stylist and Photographer, they were so sweet! And honestly bless their hearts for being so patient with me because I am a terrible model and I have no idea what I’m doing, and I have like zero attention span. Most of the pictures were probably of me doing awkward dance moves or laughing (and I’m a very unattractive laugher) but the photographer managed to pull off some really cool lookin pics, so I figured I post a few here. One of my favorite things about scad is being able to collaborate and make connections with so many different people in different fields, it’s seriously amazing!!! I love meeting new peeps ❤️

That’s all for tonight! And if you need me… I’ll be laying in my bed in a sugar coma. (And drowning in my finals)

xoxo Bri


photographer: Samantha Shroyer

stylist: Jordan Baker

Makeup artist: Zyria Stephenson

Hair: Sara Brindisi

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