When in Venice


CIAO! Today’s blog post is another one from Italy (oohh shocker) but this time from one of my most favorite places I’ve been.. Venice!! You know when you see Venice on TV and in movies and it seems like this magical dream town where lovers float around on gondolas and everyone walks around eating gelato and everything is right in the world? Yup it’s pretty much just like that. I have always wanted to go to Venice because I was so fascinated with the fact that people drive boats around in the canals just like cars on the street, and it’s seriously as awesome as it sounds. There’s even police, ambulance, and fire truck boats (I guess they aren’t trucks.. just fire boats?) so yeah it definitely lived up to my childhood expectations. I actually almost canceled the trip at the last minute  because I had two 7 page essays due and I hadn’t even started, and I’d heard a lot of people saying that Venice wasn’t worth it and that you could do the whole thing in one day and didn’t need a weekend. But I pushed aside the naysayers and all hopes of passing my classes, and hopped on the train anyway. When I got to Venice I immediately knew I had made the right choice to come for the weekend. I mean… Who cares about whether or not you make a C in a class, life is about experiences!!! (At least that’s what I plan on telling my mom when my plan to hide my transcript surely fails.) But seriously, Venice is breathtakingly beautiful and I never wanted to leave. We spent the first day sightseeing and visiting historical sights and I, of course, tasted around for the best gelato. The next night though, is when the real magic happened. I wanted to go on a gondola ride soooooo bad while I was in Venice, I mean.. you can’t just come to Venice and NOT do it! Right? Turns out Venezians sure know how to rip off tourists, and get them to pay top dollar to sit in a piece of wood for 30 minutes. BUT LET ME TELL YOU, that gondola ride was the most magical 30 minutes of my life. I’m sure my wallet would disagree with that statement, but I’ve genuinely never been more bewildered at how beautiful and incredible this earth is. When the sunset hit the water right behind the gondolier (Enriquo, my main slice) it was like I was the luckiest girl in the world. Also, I think we lucked out with the best gondolier because after a little prodding he broke down and sang a bunch of songs for us, including that Italian song from Lady and the Tramp, and the ever so classic Johnny Cash. About halfway through the ride, after joking around with Enriquo a bit and (badly) harmonizing to ring of fire, I finally popped the question. “Heyyy.. Enriquo… friend.. uhhhh sooo what if… what if I drove the gondola? Could you make that happen ami?” He looked at me for a second, really surprised and then said “ok sure. But I paid €60,000 for my baby don’t wreck her.” Oh ok no pressure Enriquo thanks. So he helped me up onto the… I don’t know what to call it.. the steering deck? And I nearly knocked the boat over just climbing up. But from then on out it was smooth sailing. Actually Enriquo had to save me from crashing into a boat, a wall, and a bridge. BUT ITS SO HARD. So much harder than it looks, prop to Enriquo and his buds for puttin in work. After that, he joined me in a little photo shoot and we unfortunately parted ways. So yeah, probably the funnest half hour of my young life. (And Enriquo’s.)

My outfit was nothing special for this occasion so I won’t spend to much time on this… yes I know it’s a fashion blog but it’s also kinda my personal journal and I feel like writing about Enriquo today. so there. I didn’t pack a lot of options, because again, i was planning on canceling this trip up until the night before soooo I had to work with what I had. I wore a blue and white pin striped cold shoulder shirt from anthropologie, and a denim skirt from Banana Republic with my Adidas! Hopefully there will be some more exciting fashion posts to come, but for now I’m a little focused on having some fun adventures over here 🙂

thanks for reading my rants



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