Hey hey hey! Long time, no blog! Honestly I’ve started like 7 blog posts recently and then immediately drafted them because they were trash. But I figured I needed to get over my self-loathing to post something for this momentous occasion (you don’t need to tell me I’m dramatic, I already know.) But yes, yesterday was my “blogiversary” which was my blog’s first birthday (yeahhhh I’m kinda ashamed that I’m that blogger that keeps track of things like that) but anyway, being the anniversary of my blog, I wanted to just say  thank you to everybody that’s supported me so far. I know that my blog is really silly and just kind of a fun thing that I like to do, but I’ve received overwhelming support and so many people reading my blog each week and leaving supportive comments on my photos on Instagram and sending me sweet messages every time I post. So I would like to say thank you for that, because if you’re reading this right now you are helping me way more than you know and I’m so grateful for all of you! I’m super excited to start up my sophomore year of college in a month and see what this next year has in store. And if it’s anything like this one has been, I would be unbelievably lucky!

Now cutting the sap, I really want to talk about my pants. Because I’m obsessed with them. As you know, I was studying abroad last month, and spent literally my whole life savings on clothes. I mayyyy have had to buy a new suitcase to send all of my new stuff home in… but that’s another story. Anyway, there were not one but TWO Zara stores a few blocks from my apartment, literally right across the street from each other (weird marketing strategy, but Zara’s cool so I’ll look past it.) and I bought… let’s just say an embarrassing amount of different striped pants. I fell in love with this cool trend and went a little overboard, but seriously they are so fun for summer. They’re super light and airy, so they keep you even cooler than wearing shorts, not to mention they feel like you’re wearing pajama pants, but you look like you just stepped out of the editorial pages of Teen Vogue (they aren’t quite sophisticated enough for Vogue… but I dress like a twelve year old, so what do I know) This particular pair is sold out on Zara but just trust me on this and go to and check out their trouser section. Also- how cute is the word trouser? Super cute. As for the shirt, it’s from Loft but it’s an oldie so I can’t link it. My bag is from Kate Spade, and it’s my go-to! It’s the funnest color for summer and I dig it.


Lastly, I’ve gotten about a million questions about where I took these pictures at! It’s a pretty tricky wall to find, but it’s in Bluffdale behind the cents shoe store! So happy hunting 😉

thats all for tonight! Happy Sunday!



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