Gingham Girl

Happy Sunday babes! It has been over a MONTH since I’ve posted on the blog, aka I’m the biggest slacker ever. I’ve been focusing a lot on smaller sponsored things and collaborations/giveaways on Instagram lately, but I really want to get back into posting more outfits and trends because that’s the whole reason I created this blog, and I’ve kinda been straying from that. I’m definitely going to start posting more of my outfits when I get back to Savannah and start up school again (Next week!! ahh! Heart attack!) I’m so excited to jump into my new classes (intro to fashion design.. I’m looking at you babe!) but I’m also so sad to go back to Georgia because I’ve had the funnest summer and I’m finally back into the swing of things in Utah and I get to be with my family every day. So it’s going to make it really hard to leave again, but I’m super excited to move into my new house and everything. I feel like a total adult, which is terrifying and exciting at the same time. ALSO, a new category 5 hurricane called hurricane Irma is brewing and is headed straight for Georgia within the next week or two, and if I have to evacuate again I’m not going to be a happy camper. So let’s all pray that Irma decides to mind her own freakin business and head back out to the Atlantic where she belongs, because I really don’t want to lose my thanksgiving break again this year (or die, of course.)

Anyway, moving on from scary adult things and natural disasters, let’s talk about clothes! These gingham pants have been my go-to this summer and I’m gonna be super sad when fall comes around and I have to stop wearing head to toe gingham… but let’s be real, these pants could totally be a fall staple piece! …right? I say yes, and you’ll definitely be seeing them again. They are around $80 from topshop and you can shop them directly by downloading the like to know it app, and screenshotting the photo on instagram, or by signing up on the like to know it website, and simply liking the photo (the shopping links will come to your email this way.) Same goes for my shirt, this cute little venezia graphic tee was my favorite find at Jcrew this summer, and it goes with so many cute pieces. Follow the same like to know it steps to shop it! OK AND THESE SHOES! They are my new favorite shoes ever. Now, I’m six feet tall and I normally refuse to wear anything that makes me even half an inch taller, but I could. not. resist. these. They are so on trend and cool and funky AND under $50.. I’m not even kidding. They aren’t a sponsor of the like to know it app, but no worries, you can find them here ! They are sold out in silver (not surprised.) but they have them in black for even cheaper 🙂 you’re welcome, kids. And lastly, my sunglasses are from Francesca’s. Funny story, they are brand new, and they decided to jump off of my head while riding Indiana Jones in Disneyland a couple weeks ago. After a lot of frustrating conversations with unhelpful customer service ladies with airtight buns and too much botox, I FINALLY got them back in one piece. They were totally scratched, dirty, and a little bent, but I’m still going to wear them. Now they’ve got character.

Well that’s all for today! I can’t wait to share more outfits and posts with you guys, and tell you all about my first week of sophomore year! Until then, stay groovy.



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