Tobi or not to be



Happy Sunday, goobers! Life has been pretty good lately, I’ve been really loving my classes and having so much fun with my friends (and making lots of new ones!) and best of all, it’s finally, FINALLY cooling down a little bit here in Georgia. And of course when I say “cooling down” I mean it was 80 today, but it felt soooo good. A very welcome change from the 95+ hot and humid weather we had all of September. It’s pretty exciting that I can wear jeans and not die outside! And you know what that means… fall fashion!! (heart eyes, heart eyes, heart eyes) I’ve been loving black, green, and blush this fall and I’ve put together a lot of really fun outfits that I can’t wait to show you! Starting with this one from Tobi ( This blog post is in collaboration with Tobi, and I am wearing their Kate floral embroidered top, and their Jeanette suede boots! I’ve been utterly obsessed with these boots, and I’ve been wearing them with every outfit lately. The clear heel is so trendy and forward and the style brings a 60s/70s vibe to every look. o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d. This top is also one of my new favs! it fits me like a glove and I feel so confident in it! Moral of story- you need Tobi clothes in your life. They are so affordable and they carry all of the latest trends! check them out right now and thank me later! I also linked my pants in my Instagram post so make sure to download like to know it on the app store and screenshot my latest Instagram photo (or just search my name!) to buy these pants for SO. CHEAP. And lastly, of course, my trusty hat. I wear this alllll the time and my friends call it the “signature Bri hat” and make fun of me for wearing it every day, but it goes with everything and it’s so humid down here, so I have lots of bad hair days okay!! But in case you really like it, it’s from the Kendall + Kylie collection at Pac-sun 🙂

As for these fun photos, they were taken by my awesome friend Cassie (instagram: and we had sooo much fun taking them! We took a little spur of the moment trip to Bluffton, South Carolina and we caught the docks right at sunset and it was the most breathtaking view! Pictures don’t even do it justice (although they are pretty beautiful) but it seriously was the prettiest thing just trust me. We also found the greatest little place for dinner called the Old Town Dispensary and they had live music, cute little lights, and the most delicious food! Highly recommend. I can definitely say that I will be taking quite a few trips back to Bluffton because it is seriously just the cutest town ever. So definitely take a trip there if you ever get the chance, and also definitely follow Cassie on Instagram because she’s the bomb diggety.

Well that’s all for today folks, my roomies are telling me I’m not allowed to write any more because I have way too much homework (they’re totally right) I’ve got a few more blog posts coming up that I can’t wait to share! But I’ll wait to write those until I finish my homework I promise 😉 MWAH!



Tobi homepage: shoptobi

Shirt: embroidered top

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