A Plantastic Thursday

Hi again! Welcome back to the blog. Today’s blog post is gonna be a quick one because I have to go to class (checks watch) ten minutes ago. But I promised y’all I was going to find time to post more, and I’ve been doing pretty good! I really want to try and post once a week, just my favorite outfit from the week and a little update or something. Also, do you guys like seeing my work? I’ve been considering doing some blog posts showing you the fashion collection I’ve been working on, or some of my art that I’ve been doing in my classes. So let me know if you’re interested in that and I might do a couple of those. Today’s outfit was shot by my friend Cassie! She’s been doing a lot of my blog photos lately, and it’s been so awesome. We have a lot of fun together and she doesn’t care if I look really really stupid in most of the photos she takes, and she’s a wizard at editing. I dig it. Okay first of all let’s talk about this shirt… it’s literally $9. I’m not even messing with you guys. It’s so cute and simple and I’m obsessed with it! I have it linked on like to know it, so once again, if you don’t have that app you need to download it (it’s totally free) and follow me! Then you can click on any of my photos and it will show you exactly what I’m wearing and you can click on it and buy it, it’s super handy. OR once you have the app you can screenshot my instagram photos and the outfit links will appear in your app, again super easy. So if you want this adorable shirt for less than ten bucks, I suggest you get that app ASAP! The skirt is from madewell and I’ve been wearing it wayyy too much lately, but it literally goes with everything and its just so freaking cute. Shoes are from Tobi in collaboration with them (www.tobi.com) and I really really love them! they’ve been my go to! I will have another Tobi pair up on the blog soon as well. the cute little necktie is from madewell as well and it’s another current obsession especially for fall! And then my bracelets are, of course, from Alex and Ani.

Quick life update before I go: pretty much nothing has changed since my last blog post… my life is kind of static right now. I go to class and I do homework, I eat, I sleep (sometimes) and repeat that every day. DONT GET ME WRONG I love my school but holy crap do I have a lot of homework. I’m currently working on designing a collection and the entire thing (mood boards, process book, consumer profile, designs, flats, fabrics, textile examples, etc.) is due on TUESDAY. yeah. Which means I have to have it done by Sunday because I’m filming a movie (!!!!!!) all day on Monday, and I won’t have any time to work on it. So basically I have three days to finish an entire collection. WHHEE please pray for me. I will update you guys next week on how the movie goes! I’m in a bar/club scene with Liam Hemsworth and I’m pretty freaking stoked about it, not gonna lie. So many movies film in Savannah and it’s so exciting! I was in the Hallmark movie “Love at the Shore” earlier this year and I also made a brief appearance in a new British TV show called “Living the dream” which is set to air early next year! Super minor minor roles but still really exciting! I’ll let you know how it goes.




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