Skirts and Celebs

HEY YOU. welcome back to the blog, prepare yourself for another post full of nonsense, life stories, random fashion things, and irrelevant blurbs. Today i’m talking about my go-to fall outfit pictured in these photos, brands I’m loving, life updates (I know you’re all here to read about the movie… I’ll get to it I promise), and other random things that come to mind that you probably won’t care about. Sorry.

First of all, I’ve been obbssesssiinnggg over these boots from Tobi ( ever since I collaborated with them I’ve been obsessed and I now own three different pairs of black shoes from them. They are so super cute and really really cheap. The only thing I want to warn you about with these boots is that when they came and I tried them on I realized that the calf area was HUGE. Like comically huge, the fabric around the calf stuck out like 4 inches, and I don’t ANYBODY that has calves like that. I clunked around the house in them for a while and me and my roomies got a good laugh out of it but I definitely wasn’t going to wear them out of the house. But I didn’t want to return them because I LOVED them otherwise, so I pulled out my sewing machine, turned the boots inside out, did some (very rough) measuring and pinning and sewed them to fit my legs perfectly. So I would definitely recommend these boots, but if your shoe size is 10 like me then just know that you’ll be getting some chunky calves in the mail. It’s an easy fix however, but I just thought that was worth mentioning.

The shirt is from H&M- yes I know I’m a hypocrite because I always say how much I hate H&M, but c’mon guys it was $10 and Savannah all of the sudden got COLD. what’s a girl supposed to do? Totally worth the ten bucks, highly recommend. My skirt is one that I made a couple months ago right before I came back to school (throwback to when I had free time hahahaa what a concept) and I’ve been loving wearing it for fall because I love pink and I didn’t want to give it up for fall colors, but then I found this super cute and warm pink flannel and I was immediately obsessed. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out, but if I ever get some time I might add a cute ruffle or pockets or something.

As for my life, for those of you that care (Mom, grandma, hello welcome back) School is going pretty good, only two weeks left which makes me want to cry the happiest tears. I can’t wait to go home!! So far I’ve designed three fashion collections, drawn 4 18 x 24 charcoal drawings for my life drawing class, made a dress out of bubble wrap, and am currently working on another collection and actually designing and sewing a full outfit (jacket and dress/jumpsuit) SO I’ve been really busy so this quarter has gone by really fast, I’ve had so much fun with all of these projects and my professors are awesome but I’m so excited to go home and remember what it’s like to not be a human stress ball every day. that will be nice. In other news, I GOT TO BE IN A MOVIE WITH LIAM HEMSWORTH LAST WEEK. About this time last year I applied to be an extra in a Hallmark movie and I was THRILLED when I got the part (it’s pathetic, save it, I know.) but being on set was a serious blast!! It made me realize that being an actress is something I maybe want to pursue on the side, just to make some extra cash and maybe eventually get a real part, which would be amazing. A couple weeks after that gig I got a call from the casting director who wanted to use me as a small part in a TV show filming in Savannah called living the dream (it comes out next week!!) And I pretty much just got to drive a mustang around a beautiful neighborhood with a hot boy in the front seat, and pretend to be a rich Miami local teenager. It was so much fun. I drove that car back and forth down the same street soooooo many times so they could get the shot, but I loved every minute. I also got to be a stand-in for Rosie Day (and if you know who that is, it’s really funny because I’m almost an entire foot taller than her) So anyway, after I filmed that I went on summer break. And now that I’m back I scored another tiny little background role in Liam Hemsworth’s new movie (I technically can’t tell you the name but literally just google it.) Me and my friend Vic both got to be club-goers in a scene where Liam comes into the club and pretty much just parties with everyone. We worked a 13 hour day in high heels but we got to dance literally right next to Liam all day. It was such a blast! At one point Apparently my tall self was blocking the camera from Liam’s face because we were exactly the same height in my heels, so while I was dancing in the middle of a shot, the director literally DOVE ONTO MY FEET  underneath the view of the camera to try and tell me I needed to scoot a couple inches over, but it just scared me really bad and I freaked out and ruined the shot hahahahah good times. Liam also touched my hand, my shoulder, and my arm (YES I KEPT TRACK OBVIOUSLY) so you’re all invited to the wedding. But my real claim to fame in this movie is that his co-star pulled me up into the VIP section in the middle of the shot and danced with me and pulled me onto the couch with him and I had to just act on my feet and pretend like I knew him and that we were just partying together next to freaking Liam Hemsworth on the couch. I tried to stay calm but they will probably cut that shot since I probably looked like I was hyperventilating or actually drunk hahahaha. Anyway, it was a really really fun experience gettin all sweaty with some celebs (very sweaty, they didn’t have the A.C. on) As far as filming with Liam, I will say that he wasn’t nearly as nice as I thought he was going to be. He wasn’t necessarily rude but I guess I always expected him to be one of those super chill, talkative and friendly celebrities but he kind of acted like he didn’t want to talk to us (and we were even acting cool and not fangirly I PROMISE) and he snapped at the director a few times and every time he wasn’t actually saying lines, he went back to his room and sat in his little chair and wouldn’t listen to the director’s notes, like he didn’t act like he wanted to be involved at allllll. I’m gonna give him the benefit of the doubt that maybe he was having a bad day but I definitely was a little disappointed in his attitude towards the whole thing. It was a super tedious day, filming the same 4 shots over and over again from different angles and having to pretend to dance to absolutely no music, but overall it was such cool experience, I LOVE being on set! I think I’m addicted to it now, so I’ll keep y’all updated on anything else I get to be a part of!

welp that’s it, thanks for reading!! be nice to people and eat your veggies



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