Sweet Carolina

Hellooo everyone, welcome back to the blog. It’s been a minute. I haven’t posted in like a month because I have been sooo busy!! I was home for a while and that was so much fun, but I kept myself really busy by making and selling jackets and working a couple different jobs. It was soo hard to come back to Georgia but I’m back and better than ever!! This quarter is going great so far!! Okay that’s a little bit of a stretch, its actually been kinda rough but I’m still loving it!! I’m digging my fashion sketching class, It’s SO much fun. It’s basically taking what I do for fun anyway and teaching me how to actually be GOOD at it, it’s awesome. But besides class the only other noteworthy thing that’s happened is Charleston!! Me and my roomies didn’t have too much homework this past weekend, thanks to it being only the first week of school, AND we had MLK day off, AND nobody had to work that weekend so we took it as a sign from God to take a road trip! It was probably actually a sign that we needed to work on our projects all weekend and clean the house and go to the gym and be productive members of society…. so naturally we jumped in the car and drove 120 miles away from all of our responsibilities. But guys Charleston is seriously the BEST. We’ve been wanting to go for so long now, it’s only two hours away from Savannah but we’ve just never had the time, so i’m sooooo glad that we took advantage of this long weekend and took a girls trip. We had the best time just eating and shopping and sight seeing and shoving our homework assignments to the backs of our minds hahahaha. We were only there for two days which isn’t really long enough to post an official Charleston “guide” for you guys, but I will tell you the places we ate so that if you’re ever over there you have some recommendations!

When we got there on Saturday we headed straight to Fleet’s landing for lunch and oohhhhh my gosh you guys it was so good. It’s this adorable little seafood restaurant next to the docks, and we sat outside right on the water and it was so beautiful, and the food was incredible. 10/10 would recommend. Then that night after running around to five different restaurants and being turned away (apparently it was Charleston restaurant week so everywhere was full?? like what??) we were so hungry and tired so we settled for a small little barbecue joint called Smoke Barbecue. And we weren’t disappointed! It was so delicious, totally affordable, AND we got to witness an epic bar fight! What a night! The next day we met our friend Hannah for brunch at Magnolia’s. And if you guys take anything from this blog post, I want it to be that you NEED to eat at Magnolia’s. I had the most delicious banana pudding filled fried french toast. Yeah, you read that right. But literally everything on the menu looked incredible, we will definitely be going there again when we go back. The last place you need to remember is Kaminsky’s, which is a dessert cafe. Yup. A dessert. cafe. They have new desserts every day but their famous one is a tollhouse cookie dough pie, which is insanely good to say the least. Repeat after me “I must eat at Kaminsky’s cafe. I must eat at Kaminsky’s cafe.” okay great now we are on the same page.

Okay now to talk about what I wore in Charleston (the fun stuff.) We were only there for two days and yet I still brought a full suitcase with like 4 different shoe options and three coats. My air bnb host thought I was a loony for sure. But I ended up wearing this outfit that I totally love! The pink fur coat is one that I made like a month ago, and I’ve been wearing it with so much lately, it’s so warm! And believe it or not, Charleston was an ice box all weekend, which brings me to my skirt.. which was a very bad choice for the weather. But super cute nonetheless. It’s from Free People and you can shop it here! and my Betsey Johnson boots, which are currently my favorite shoes in the whole world, can be found here! This outfit was kinda crazy when pieced all together, but I felt it was appropriate for such a colorful city! I love mixing colors that don’t normally go together and I thought the teal and pink made a cool combo. I’ll post my second Charleston outfit soon so stay tuned!!

Thanks for reading, love you all as always ❤



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