Brandy on the Beach

Hey guys!! Wow it’s been a hot sec since I’ve posted, I’ve been insanely busy and my blog kinda got put on the back burner for a second, but I’m gonna try and keep up on it a little bit better (I say that in every blog post, I know. whoops.) I’m only taking two classes this quarter and even though they both require a tonnnn of homework, you’d think I would still have lots of free time to do all sorts of blog related and fun things, but I have this weird habit where when I get even a little bit of free time I start trying to fill every second and I say yes to literally everything and then all of the sudden I’m staying up until 4:00 am every single night trying to finish everything. Exhibit A: someone commissioned me to design and make a prom dress for the prom down here in Sav this weekend, but I knew I didn’t have a lot of time. So obviously I said yes. And I ended up making the entire prom dress over the weekend and I felt like I was on project runway except I was sewing on a crappy machine on my living room floor for twelve hours and now I can’t stand up straight. BUT it was really fun and I finished it and it fits her beautifully and I’m super proud of it (pics to come.) And just last night I stayed up until 3 making some jacket orders while simultaneously watching a French film that I’m supposed to write about for class. Multi-tasking is key… (I’m eating cake while typing this, see I’m really good at it.) ANNDD some more big news, I got a job! (gasps, oohs, ahhs) it’s so strange and completely unrelated to the field I want to go into, but it’s so fun. I am now officially a ghost tour guide for Savannah Terrors! Savannah is the most haunted city in America so we have tons of ghost tours that go on down here, I’ve been on a couple of them and I love freaky ghost stories and learning about Savannah’s history sooooo I got a job being a ghost tour guide! I had to memorize 25 pages of information but I did it, and I started on Monday! It’s literally the best job ever, I get to walk around the city at night with a group of drunk strangers and tell them ghost stories. It’s incredibly fun. So yeah that’s my life update for the day!

Anyway, getting to the reason for this blog post (finally.) These pictures were from a Brandy Melville photo shoot that I did with an awesome photographer named Gabrielle (I tagged her on my Instagram pic, go check out her work!) These pictures were taken in February, so first of all is was insanely cold, and secondly, I am very late posting these pictures as it is now April. It was a super fun shoot though! We rented a surfboard, ate ice cream, splashed around in the water, and almost got hypothermia! Whee! I’m not going to individually link all of the clothes because they are all from Brandy Melville, so if you want to find any of them just click here and search for it! This shoot was styled by Alyssa Davis, and the other models are Eloise Armstrong, and Lauren Kuo.

Hope you enjoy these fun pics and my random ramblings! Happy hump day kiddos.




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