60’s Style


Hello friends! 👋🏼 I just figured out that you CAN use emojis on WordPress, so I’m expecting my blog viewer stats to plummet at any second💀😸🙌🏻👀

I’m currently on my way home from Canada where we left from to go on our Alaskan cruise! It was so fun but really cold so I can’t wait to get back to summer weather in just a short 15 more hours of driving! Yay! So basically, I have a lot of time on my hands right now so you should maybe reconsider what you’re getting yourself into by reading this 😜 this post is all about my final project for my Apparel one class that I finished out sophomore year with! This is the first dress that I have really gone through the entire professional design process with, and I’m really proud with how it turned out. So for anyone who’s interested I’m just going to talk about my process and the struggles I faced while making this dress, and show some process photos and scketches!

so first of all, our assignment was to design a dress based on something historical and the only requirements were that it had to have a collar, sleeves, and it had to be daywear. That last part was tricky for me because I really like beading and I started out with sheer sleeves with beading all over them and I loovveedd the way it looked but my professor swiftly gave me a lecture about following directions and said that if I had been hired to make a day dress for a company and brought them those sleeves that I would be fired because it’s evening wear. And she was totally right. So I started again.  Starting over was a common theme throughout this whole process. But backtracking (record scratch) to the beginning, I decided that I wanted to base my dress on 1960’s gogo girl style. I love the fashion of the 60’s and I thought it would be super fun to try and design my own fun little 60’s dress. So I came up with a mood board and called my collection “Mélangé” which means mixed in French, because it was a mix of 60’s style and contemporary details. Here is my mood board:df38effe-b27d-4714-bd5f-9cc46653a64c.jpeg

This is a terrible quality dark photo but you get the point. I had some beading samples and color swatches on there along with my historical images. After making my mood board I had to do three sketches of different dress possibilities, I’m the worst and forgot to take pictures of the two that I didn’t end up making, but here is my final sketch of the dress I chose to make:


Once again, really crappy picture that I took at like 3:00am the day before it was due, but you get th I idea. Basically it was a super simple sketch with the technical flats, and the fabric swatches with a beading sample I did. Nothin’ too fancy, and I know I need to work on my drawing skills but that wasn’t the point of this assignment so let’s ignore that hahahaha. Anyway, the next step was to drape my design and make a pattern for it. I basically just draped a simple box sheath dress for one side, a cap sleeve, and I originally draped a stand up pleated collar. After I had draped the simple side of the dress I had to draft the side with all of the pieces. This was really hard I’m not gonna lie, because I had a freakin’ dart that I had to add in, yet all of the pieces had to line up perfectly straight or it would look really wonky and badly made. So I spent about ten hours at Eckburg (the fashion building) that day, just trying to figure out how to make all of those pieces work. Once I finally made all the patterns for the different pieces I decided to make the whole thing out of muslin just to make sure it worked before I cut it out of my real fabric because I wasn’t taking any chances at this point. The muslin worked out almost perfectly so I just made a couple adjustments to the patterns and cut it out of my final fabric. After I pieced it all together (dart and all!!) it looked like this:


It worked!! All of those little pieces were definitely not easy to sew together, especially with that yellow vinyl stuff but it worked and I was so relieved. After I finished the piecing I added the other side to make this:


After I had all of that done I went ahead and draped a pleated collar. But after I made it I decided it looked too clown-like because it was so thick. So I went ahead and made another collar that was thinner. I sewed it onto the neckline and even but a bias tape binding on the inside to make it nice and clean looking, and after I finished the whole dress I decided that I still hated the collar. Absolutely hated it. So I asked my professor if I could unpick the whole collar and make a whole new one and she said no. So I went home and did it anyway. It took me all night to make a new pattern and cut it out and sew it and guess what?! It didn’t fit the neckline. Nice. Apparently my math skills are sub-par at 3:00am. But I wasn’t about to put the ugly collar back on so I made ANOTHER collar that fit much better and then i made a neck facing for the inside which was also too small soooo I had to make another one. But by about 5 or 6am I had finally finished with a collar that I actually liked. But then of course I had to do a whole new drawing that reflected the new collar so that I wouldn’t lose points for the drawing being innacurate. And after I got that new board printed all I had left to do was bead the dress! I think I watched like 4 seasons of the office while beading the dress and I don’t regret a second.  I ended up getting an A on the project- finishing out sophomore year of college with straight As! Whoop! Halfway done and I couldn’t be more excited to see what these next two years hold. This whole project reminded me why I wanted to be a fashion designer: because I truly LOVE it. Even though this  was the hardest thing I’ve ever made and I faced a ton of difficulties I loved every second of it and none of it felt like work. And that’s why I do it!

Peace out for today!  Thank you so much for reading and for your constant support! I love y’all!


Bri 💋

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