Life in Lacoste

Bonjour, mes amis!! Just logging on to do a quick update of my life here in France! I will for sure take more pictures of the village soon, and maybe do a little vlog or something cheesy like that, just because I want to show y’all how crazy beautiful and amazing it is!! It is so unbelievable here. I am staying in a little village in the south of France called Lacoste, it’s an old medieval village that literally looks straight out of a fairy tale. Even our library is an old bakery that still has giant brick ovens that we use as sitting areas, it’s so cool! Everything here is so historic and has such a cool look to it. My little apartment is at the top of the village and we have the most incredible view out our window and from our terrace. I’m currently sitting on the terrace eating the basket of cherries that I picked yesterday and typing this while looking over the countryside, it’s magical. Suupperrr freaking hot though. It’s a lot like Utah desert heat, it’s scorching but at least it’s dry and not humid like Savannah. I’m over that. Just to give you an idea of what the village is like, it is still a populated village, there are a lot of French locals that live here and there is a cute little restaurant called Cafe De France that everyone goes to every night. Last night the locals threw a party to celebrate the longest day of summer! The sun set at almost ten pm! They had a band playing traditional french songs, and there was a really big bonfire that everyone danced around, and apparently it is tradition to jump over the fire if you are brave, to signify good luck for the summer or something. So we totally jumped over it, and I felt like Pam on the Office, it was super fun. Then they started playing some song that everyone got excited about, we didn’t really know what was happening but everyone grabbed our hands and we danced with them around the fire in a big line that was weaving through the crowd and around the fire, we didn’t know the steps to the dance so we were all just jumping around and laughing hysterically, while the band played and the locals led us around, doing their little dance. It was the most fun ever!! It is so cool to participate in their cultural events and be a part of the life here in Lacoste.

Other than little celebrations and festivals like that, there really isn’t much to do here… it’s very peaceful though. Lacoste is very isolated from anything else, it’s up on a hillside in Southern France so nothing is really nearby. There’s a neighboring village but it’s just as small and it’s quite a few miles away, at least an hour walk probably. But apparently they have an ATM there, so that might be the move here pretty soon, because this girl needs some euros. I’m getting pretty used to walking everywhere though, because even my class is almost a mile away. I tried to see the distance on my phone and I think it was like .8 miles or so. So not too bad, except for the fact that since I live in the upper village I have to trek all the way down to Maison Basse, which is a pretty steep little hike. Which is not fun when carrying a bunch of art supplies, a backpack, and a giant sketchpad, in the heat. But really I can’t complain because the view is worth it, and they have a pool down there (and better food) so really, it’s worth it. Maison Basse is also where the cherry orchard is! So we went down there yesterday to hang out by the pool and pick some cherries. I picked a whole basket yesterday and they’re already almost gone, because I literally have zero other snacks, because they don’t really sell snacks anywhere here. Like when I say we are near nothing, I mean we are near notthhhiinngg. There’s not even a little grocery store or anything. So we take trips to the market where they sell fresh produce and bread and things, so that we can get some food for the week. I bought olives, strawberries and soap on Saturday, but I didn’t really know that it would be like two weeks until I would get to go back to the market or else I probably would’ve stocked up a little better lol. Next time I will get the goods. But for now I have a pound of olives in my fridge and like 6 cherries left. Whooo. But seriously the market is sooo cute and it was so fun to practice my French to all the locals! It needs some work for sure, but I can kind of communicate, although a lot of pointing and charades is usually involved. Hopefully by the end of these two months my French will improve, crossing my fingers (and reading lots of French for dummies books.) Well this blog post is getting super long and boring, I didn’t mean to ramble on about stuff but here I am, because quite frankly I’m very bored right now. I had class this morning but it ended at 12, and there’s really… nothing to do. I don’t have homework yet so I’m just chillin’ for a bit, living my best life, and hiking up to the top of the village to by a coke for three euros from a hidden drink vending machine hehe because I thought I could go without soda for two months, but that’s a no. Anyway, I guess I should talk about my outfit in those photos from the market, since this is technically a fashion blog and all I do is talk about my life and I’m sure no one actually cares ahhahah sorry. So my cute little gingham skirt is from and it was literally like $10, so cheap, so cute, 10/10 would recommend. go to their website and search “gingham skirt” and it comes up. It’s pretty see-through though so I just wore tiny little like spandex shorts underneath, also because it gets pretty windy here and I wasn’t taking any chances. And it’s a good thing too, because I ended up climbing up the side of a bridge in that skirt, but my shorts had me covered. My little belt bag is also from Shein and was also under $10. It holds euros and lipstick and the key to my apartment and that’s pretty much all I need (disclaimer: it is not big enough for a phone so I had to stick it in the back of my skirt.) And then my shirt, as you can probably guess, is from Madewell! It’s one of my favs because it goes with a lot of things and it’s just a cute neutral graphic tee. definitely recommend. Last but not least, my cute little sandals. These bad boys are dangerous. Our streets are cobblestone and they are realllyyy steep, and the cobblestone is like super slick, and my sandals are made of leather. Like really smooth leather. I got them in Italy last year and they were made right in front of me in a cute little Italian leather goods shop on the street. So I love them so much, but they are not a good combo with this cobblestone let me tell you. I’ve taken one too many tumbles down the hill already, and it’s only been like four days. So I’m opting for sneakers from now on, sorry little sandals I still love you! So for anyone who is coming to Lacoste next quarter or just to visit the one advice I have for you so far is to bring good shoes! I did not listen to this advice from previous students because I just wanted to be cute, but it’s not cute to have a broken ankle, so I’m regretting the lack of  a supportive shoe selection in my suitcase.

Anyway, thanks for reading my ramblings. Life is great here in France, I can’t complain! I miss everybody back home, but I can’t say I miss America quite yet. It’s just so peaceful here and free of distractions. I’m sure I’ll have a different opinion in a few weeks when all I want is a hamburger and a soda, but for now I’m just thriving.

Love y’all thanks for reading.

A Bientot!



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