Beach Daze

Howdy from Georgia y’all!!! I’m back and better than ever in my favorite place. 2018 was the CrAzIeSt but the BEST year ever. I was all over the place last year, which was so much fun, but I”m glad to be back in my favorite city to finish out Junior year. I flew in last week at like 5:00am on Friday, and the next day me and Vic went to the beach because I missed Tybee so much!! I hadn’t been since may of last year, and I was dying to go, even though it wasn’t warm enough to swim. So we drove out there and spent a couple hours just hanging out on the beach and we went to our favorite pizza place ever (huc-a-poos!!!!) and we decided to wait on the beach for the sunset, and we were sooo not disappointed. It was the most beautiful sunset seriously. Pictures don’t even start to do it justice. it was so beautiful, we just sat there on the dock listening to moody indie songs and trying not to cry, it was just the most beautiful night. Definitely a nice little “welcome back” night, it was such a happy night!!

My outfit in these fun beach pics is from ASOS! I’ve always been obsessed with ASOS but recently I’ve developed a love affair and everything I’ve been buying is from there. So this NYC tee shirt, this 80’s oversized denim jacket, and this cute white belt, are all from there. I think it’s a super fun little 80’s inspired look that goes very well with my crazy 80’s looking hair lol. I actually think this is the first blog post where I’ve taken pictures with my natural hair. I’ve always hated my frizzy curly hair, but lately I’ve been trying to wear it natural more so that I can keep it healthy so it will grow a little bit. I’ve literally used heat on it every day for as long as I can remember and it is soooo brittle and unhealthy. So I’m trying really hard to embrace the lion mane and not put heat on it. It’s a daily battle, but I’m working on learning to love it (even though I look like I’m straight out of a stranger things episode or an 80’s prom hair tutorial gone wrong.)

As for my routinely life update, I don’t have much going on right now besides school! It’s nice that things have calmed down for a minute but I’m definitely already searching for my next adventure. I think the most exciting thing about the new year is that I literally have no plans! I don’t know if I’ll be interning this summer, or traveling, or what I’m doing for spring break or literally anything. I’ve kept this year so open for possibilities and I’m genuinely just so excited to see where the wind blows me and make it another amazing year! I’m working on hard on my designs and my website, ( in case you forgot) and I’m already slaving away over my schoolwork, and I think this quarter is going to be really awesome. I’m already working on some really fun blog posts (that are a little less boring than this one) to put up soon!! Today’s is really short because I don’t have much to say about this funky lil outfit, and I also really do have a lot of homework to get back to and I have class in the morning… so that’s all for today! thanks for reading 🙂



One thought on “Beach Daze

  1. Carey says:

    Sorry you inherited my hair…but it works on you! I also think I had an outfit just like that in jr high 😉 but you wore it best! xoxo


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