All projects for Winter Quarter 2019

Hey everybody!!! I’m currently on Spring Break, just living my best life. I’m finally getting a little bit of sleep, after finals drained every ounce of energy out of me, so that’s great! I’m doing fantastic. This quarter was so draining and so hard, but I know that as the end of Junior year approaches that it’s only getting harder from here, so I’m just mentally preparing the heck out of myself. Even though this quarter was pretty difficult workload wise, it’s probably been my favorite quarter at SCAD so far. I’m SO proud of all I’ve done this quarter. Looking back on these last two and a half months, I seriously can’t believe that I did all of this work in just 9 weeks. It seems impossible, but then again I never slept, so I doubled the time I had to work on everything hahahaha. Anyway, a lot of people always ask to see what I’ve been working on when I come home, so I thought I would just post all of my work from this last quarter on here so everyone can see what I’ve been up to, and so I have a place to keep track of all of the work that I’ve done. I wish I would’ve started doing this freshman year so that I could look back on everything I’ve done and laugh at how bad it is. But I think I’m going to start doing this from now on! So, here you go, an entire compilation of (almost) everything I turned in this quarter. I’ll spare you the hundred math projects I had to do, because nobody wants to see those I promise. So these are just the things I did in my Apparel II (pattern making) and Intro to Textiles classes! Enjoyyyy (or don’t. You can make fun of them, I super don’t care.)

Intro to Textiles Class Projects:

Swatch cereal book

This first project for textiles was just a super easy and silly project that we did to start out the quarter, but I wanted to include it because it was really fun! We basically just had to create five example swatches of woven textiles, one knit sample, and one embroidery sample, and then display them in a fun creative way. We just had a couple of days to do this one because it was just the quick one to start out the quarter with. So I came up with the idea to base all of my swatches on different types of cereals (idk why honestly) and then make a book out of the cereal boxes and cut out windows to display the swatches in. So the first page is my knit sample and my basket woven sample, the second page is herringbone and plain weave, the third one is houndstooth, and the fourth one is the twill and the embroidery.


fabric fact file

This project was probably the most time consuming one of the whole quarter. I had to create a fabric fact file, so basically just a compilation of different swatches, and all of the information about them, including lots and lots of information about all different types of fabrics. It ended up being about 65 pages long, so I’m definitely not uploading all of them for you to look at hahaha so here is jut the front of the book. I made it out of cork and punched holes in it for binder rings and then used the leftover swatches to tack to the front. But seriously this project took like 50 hours or so to complete. I had to collect 15 wool swatches, 15 cotton swatches, 15 synthetic fiber swatches, 10 linen swatches, and a few others. And then for each swatch I had to have a picture of an example of what kind of clothing it could be used for, and extensive research about each swatch and the properties of the fabric, including timelines of the history of the fabric, and the production process and environmental impact. This was definitely my least favorite project of the quarter, because I didn’t get to be very creative. But at least I have this resource for the future. IMG_4850

tee shirt dye project

For this project the brief was to design a tee shirt based on a concept that we come up with, and using 4 different dying techniques. I had to test out different types of dying on sample swatches and put them on my mood board, and then use a few of the techniques to design a unique tee shirt to go along with my concept. For my concept I used the project I am currently working on with the Kaiizen foundation to design shirts to teach the children in Mexico how to make. I used this project as a way to experiment with different dying techniques that I can teach the kids when I go down there in March! In the design for this class I used pole dying, bleaching, and sun printing on the first tee; and pole and tie dying on the other one. I sun printed the face of one of the kids from the Kaiizen website as an example of what I’m planning on teaching the kids to do! I want to take their pictures and have them sun print their picture onto tee shirts and then bleach the kaiizen logo into the shirt like the first example. Total time spent on this project was around 10 hours. It doesn’t seem like it would be a super time consuming project but it took me sooo long to figure out each type of dying and which types of fabric it dyed on best, and the sun printing obviously took me a few tries as well. Not to mention the actual tee shirts I had to sew. More time consuming that it looks, but definitely the least time consuming of all of my projects this quarter!

image1 (25)

IMG_3322IMG_3325 (1)IMG_3326 (1)IMG_3327 (1)

print project

For this project we had to come up with a concept and mood board and then design a series of ten cohesive patterns to be used in a collection of six looks. My concept was based on 1950’s Coney Island, I based my patterns on vintage beach pictures and advertisements, and I drew inspiration from the silhouettes of the 50’s in my designs. Here is my concept/mood board, my ten patterns, and my six looks! I probably spent around 15-20 hours on this project total.

summer mood board FINAL FINALconey island patternsbeach looks 1 and 2beach looks 3 and 4beach looks 5 and 6

creative sketchbook

For this project I had to keep a running creative sketchbook throughout the quarter, using the concept that I picked at the beginning of the quarter. Based on that concept and the images I collected for inspiration/research, I had to come up with 20 unique swatches to create and put in the sketchbook. So, my concept was SUGAR. Because, first of all I love sugar. Also, I thought it would be interesting to experiment with the concept of the over-consumption of sugar and artificial foods in America, and mix the idea of a sugar rush with the idea of the unhealthiness of over-consumption. Each picture has a caption on it so you can read about what techniques I used on each swatch! I can’t even say how much time I spent on this project because I worked on it almost every day for the entire quarter. So like 50 hours? 60? 100? I really have no idea. But seriously…. it was a lot of work.


This is the mood board for my concept for the creative sketchbook


For this textile I just did a simple knit swatch and wove pixie sticks in between


For the top swatch I wove together two different yarns and then made tassels and attached them to the weaving. For the bottom swatch I did a weaving of three different colors of different weights and pulled some of them out to make loops.


For this weird swatch I cut up a Fritos bag into strips and then did a weaving with the strips and yellow yarn.


Another weaving with different weights of yarn. I wove the heavy yarn looser than the lighter one and pulled it up for a cool texture, and added some heart candy.


The top swatch is probably my favorite one in the whole book! I bought some silver rope and knit it together with some green yarn. For the bottom one I tried to knit together chain. It  was really hard and it didn’t work super well and it kind of just looks like a giant knot, but I kind of love it.


For this swatch I bought a soda bottle cap patch and ironed it onto fabric, then I did some embroidery around it and added some nuts with glue.


This is just another weaving, but instead of using another yarn I used raw wool roving so that it looked like cotton candy when I pulled it up.


Just a couple more cotton candy looking swatches. The top one is two colors of wool roving that I knit together and then brushed to get a texture. The bottom one I actually wet felted together in that design.


This is my other favorite one, I think it’s so fun! I just knit together a ton of different types and colors of yarn, and then tied froot loops into the swatch.


The top swatch is fruit loops that I crushed up, glued onto fabric, and then covered in latex. The middle one is just some super heavy embroidery that took me like six hours to do, that I then beaded on top of. The bottom one is just a cluster cuss of froot loop/yarn/latex mess.


For this one, I blow dried crayons onto some white fabric, then cut the fabric into strips and wove it together. Then I used pink sun dye to dye an image onto the swatch. After that dried I printed of the image of the girl and modge podged her on top of all the layers.


For the top swatch I pulled apart the twizzler pull apart candy, and attached them end to end to make yarn, which I then knitted together. Then I put nails in it. Because DANGER. for the bottom swatch I tried gold foiling in an interesting pattern and then embroidered on top.


For this swatch I just sewed washers and peachio’s onto some fabric…. yeah it’s pretty much what it looks like.


For this swatch I tried needle felting wool roving onto some pink fabric. I don’t have needle felter (I’m freaking poor, sorry.) so I had to use a single needle, and it took a while but I think it turned out pretty cool. I then added some cotton candy on top and glued some nuts on tops.

final lineup and textiles

For this project I continued with my creative sketchbook concept of sugar and over-consumption, and created six new textiles using various materials including yarn, candy, embroidery, etc. Once I had these six textiles I was required to make a collection using them! I had so much fun with this project, and it’s probably one of my favorites I’ve ever done. I based the silhouettes off of 1970’s children clothing, and adapted them to be contemporary women’s wear. Combined with the fun silhouettes and the crazy textured textiles, I feel like it turned out so fun and funky! Here’s my mood board, my swatches, some process work, and the final lineup. this project took around 36 hours to complete.

kid in a candy store mood boardSweet tooth textiles CFDAsweet tooth process 1sweet tooth process 2sweet tooth process 3sweet tooth final designs 1sweet tooth final designs 2

Apparel II project design

For this project we had to design a “Camp” look based on Susan Sontag’s essay Notes on Camp. To sum up what “Camp” is, it’s basically a style of fashion that is so bad that it’s good. It’s over the top, ironic, funny, tacky, weird, etc. This is the theme for the MET Gala this year, so the MET is holding a competition for students. We were required to enter this competition for class, which I was super excited about! So for my design, I based it on laundry. Because why not. It’s basically designed around this concept of a girl who is super unorganized and messy and she tries to do laundry and everything goes wrong. (basically me, yes.) a sneaky red sock gets into her whites and turns everything pink, she accidentally shrinks her shirt and pants, the laundry bag gets stuck to the jacket, etc. etc. It was chosen as a finalist from my school for the competition and is being sent to the MET for final judging! Exciting! I’m pretty proud of this one 🙂 The artwork for this project originally took me around 10 hours to complete, but after all of the corrections, modifications, samples, etc. I ended up spending close to 20 hours on this project before I even started patternmaking.


Apparel II final project

This project was a continuation of the previous project. I was required to make my final garment (with a few adjustments) the shirt had to be made out of the real final knit fabric that I chose, but I was required to make the jacket and pants out of muslin so that I had room for error and can make them out of the final fabrics in the future! So the pants and jacket will definitely look more like the illustration if I decide to make them out of the real fabrics in the future.



This was a super weird and super fun quarter! It tested and challenged me but I’m proud of what I made and I think I definitely improved as an artist and a designer, and I can’t wait to see what next quarter has in store for me! But for now, I really need SLEEP.  (JK my flight leaves at 4 am, I’m not getting any sleep for a while hahaha)

Thanks for checking out my work, if you’re reading this ily 🙂


xoxo Bri

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  1. Steph Hacking says:

    WOW!!! You are amazing!! So so creative and talented!! Congrats on the MET competition! Keep us posted! Your hard work is paying off- can’t wait to see where it takes you! Love you! ❤️❤️

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