Caution, Cowgirls at Work.

Howdy Y’all! Welcome back to the blog. I’m back in Savannah after a quick trip to Mexico, and then back to Utah for a couple of days and then New York for literally only 24 hours for an interview I had. So it’s been a crazy couple of weeks and I’m sick as a dog and super stressed out, but my outfit is really cute, so who cares!! I decided to go full on country this week in honor of my partnership with Lanco to promote their new song they just released! It’s called “Rival” and…. it’s really super good. Y’all know how much I love country music, so when I say a country song is good.. you can trust me! I have been loving Lanco lately, they’re one of my favorite up and coming country bands, and “Greatest Love Story” has got to be one of the cutest country songs ever, so clearly they can do no wrong. But anyway, “Rival” has been my non-stop jam lately so definitely go give it a listen here:

As for my outfit, it’s definitely one of my favorites I’ve ever worn on the blog. It’s so country and so fun! I felt like I fit in with the people down here in Georgia more than I ever have haha. The tee shirt is from a local boutique called Mamie Ruth, and they always have the funnest stuff, I love them! And the skirt is from Urban Outfitters, per usual. I love me an urban mini skirt, you already know. And my signature lil white belt is of course, from ASOS. I had so much fun shooting this outfit, we basically ran around Savannah trying to find a big construction zone (it wasn’t hard, this entire city is always under construction lol) to execute my vision! And then when we got there I started dragging the cones around and moving everything and crawling under the construction tape and Sara was freaking out and telling me I was going to get arrested (???) so that was pretty funny. But we ended up with a fun and aesthetically pleasing construction zone, and yes I DID put everything back where I found it, and yes I WAS covered head to toe in dirt by the end of it.

Well I think that’s all for today, I’ve already spent the whole day at the beach ignoring my homework so I should definitely get going on that… yikes. I hope you all have a Yee Haw typa day.




One thought on “Caution, Cowgirls at Work.

  1. stacey says:

    Love it! Also, Lanco just won the ACM award for best new music group…. don’t forget to watch the award show on Sunday! loves! xoxo


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