Check Mate

Heyyy everyone. It’s been a minute since I’ve posted anything on here, it’s been a really busy few months. I’ve been drowning in my schoolwork per usual, and I’ve been working on a lot of collaborations with friends from other majors, and doing a lot of photo shoots, etc. etc. It’s been crazy this quarter, but my classes are going really well and I am loving them! For anyone wondering, I’m currently taking Concept and Design Development, Speaking of Ideas (public speech), and CAD (computer aided design). Even though I’ve lost so much sleep over the projects for these classes, I wouldn’t still be at this school if I didn’t love every second of it! I’m also approaching the end of Junior year, which means I have just one year left until graduation, which is INSANE. Thinking about senior year makes me want to cry happy tears and also sad tears, and also makes me want to throw up. So yeah.

I do have some exciting news not related to school! The last few months have been a non-stop internship search for me, I interviewed with like five different companies and applied for probably 20 or more. But a couple months ago (yeah, I’m a little late reporting this news) I was flown up to New York after Spring Break by a company that wanted to have a second interview with me for a summer design internship. I had to come up with an entire collection (mood board, trend board, consumer profile, process work, flats, and 4 completed looks) to present to them during the interview! It was pretty nerve-wracking presenting my amateur collection to real designers in a real NYC office, but I had three interviews and they all went really well! The next day I got a call offering me the internship, and I accepted it! So that’s my exciting news for the day (again, it’s not really new, but I haven’t put it on the blog yet, so it’s new for here.) I start June 3rd and the internship runs through August 9th. I’ll be interning as an assistant designer for the Jennifer Lopez line at the Kohl’s office in Manhattan, and I could not be more excited! I’ve worked really hard to make it to this point, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity and I can’t wait to get started!!

But anyway, back to these photos. This is a fun outfit I wanted to photograph last weekend with my roomie Victoria. There’s a really cool abandoned race track across the bridge in South Carolina, and we thought it would perfectly match our kewl race-themed attire (do you even drift, bro??) so we took a little trip and got these cool pictures. My outfit is almost entirely from ASOS (what else is new, lol.)  And yes, I finally got on the bike shorts trend, I’m really sorry about it, but they’re really really comfy. I got a lot of people asking about the shirt I’m wearing so the link to it is here !!

Okay that’s all for today, because I’m literally in the middle of class right now and I think I’m supposed to be preparing to give a speech (???) wish me good luck, Charlie.




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