All projects Winter 2020

Hey guys! It’s been a bit since I’ve written on here, I don’t really use it for style/travel posts anymore, I’m just way too busy to write anything for fun. But a lot of people have told me that they love when I post my work on here so that’s kind of what I’m using it for right now! This quarter was definitely my hardest quarter at SCAD so far in all of my four years here. I was pushed to my limit, and looking back on everything I did this quarter I genuinely cannot believe that I did all of this by myself in just 10 weeks. Even though I felt like dropping out most of the time, I’m SO proud of myself for still putting in maximum effort and creating some portfolio pieces that I’m really proud of! Sooo without further ado, here is every single thing that I’ve created since January!


So, as you all know I’ve been working like crazy on my senior collection, which will be finished NEXT MONTH. Crazy! This quarter, we had three critiques with the dean, the chair, and our professors. The first one was for our muslin (practice) looks 1-3. The second one was for all of our muslin looks 1-6 and the third one was for our first two looks completed in final fabric. I already made my muslin looks 1 and 2 last quarter, so basically the first few weeks of this quarter were me making muslin looks 3, 4, 5, and 6. Then after that critique, I altered some patterns, worked on my process and designs a bit more and began making look 1 and 2 in final fabric. Here is my mood board, process, muse board, lineup, flats, muslin looks, and final looks!mood boardmuse boardMUSE 1MUSE 2process 5process 3process 4process 1process 2black and white lineup updatedupdated lineupupdated flatsIMG_702009FE0B74-0144-4AD9-8528-A0226123020FIMG_7194E4E8827A-3760-4C45-8171-561D626824D2IMG_7347


Apparel 3:

The fact that I even had to take this class this quarter is ridiculous, and this is what made my quarter so difficult (shoutout to my counselor for messing up my class schedule, much love to you!) But I really did enjoy the class, I just wish I hadn’t had to take it with senior so I could’ve spent more time on the projects and really put my all into it. But I tried my darndest, and here’s all of my work from that class! For both projects we had to come up with a collection and then select one of the looks to actually pattern and make.

Collection one:

mood boardprocess 1process 2process 3process muslin 1process 5process 4drape 1drape 4drape 3drape 220 looks6 looks finaljumpsuit look

Collection 2:

ladies and gentlemen mood boardprocess boardPROCESS 2 LGPROCESS 3 LGtailored lineup finalfinal look lg

Portfolio Class:

In Portfolio class the main goal was to touch up all of our projects so that they were good enough to put in a portfolio, create a new project for our portfolio, and create resumes and business cards. I spent most of my time in class applying for jobs, and uploading all of my work to my portfolio on Behance. I don’t really have much to show from this class but I do have the one collection I designed and my fun business cards/resume 🙂


to wayne mood boardcolorsresearch 1research 2research 4process looksprocess looks 2look 8 boardlook 3 pagelook 6 pagelook 7 boardlook 9 boardlook 10 boardlook 4 pagelook 2 pagelook 5 pagelook 1 pagelineup 1lineup 2

Resume/business cards:

If you want to check out my portfolio site click here !

So grateful for all of the opportunities I’ve had this quarter. It’s been so difficult but so so rewarding.

As for an update on next quarter (the fashion show and my graduation!)- everything has been cancelled due to the coronavirus and everything going on right now… which is a MAJOR bummer but I’m hoping that things will return to normal soon and we will be able to reschedule the fashion show and graduation. As for right now, all of my classes will be moved to online post spring break, which makes no sense to me right now because I have no idea how I’m going to continue working on my senior collection without the resources in the fashion building and the direction of my professors, and access to models and fittings. It’s a super frustrating situation, praying it gets resolved soon and praying that everyone stays healthy!



Thanks for checking out my work!




One thought on “All projects Winter 2020

  1. Carey says:

    You should be so proud of yourself – I am so proud of you too!! Good work!! clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, heart, heart, smiley face wearing cowboy hat (I can’t do emojis on here)


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