Abercrombie Road Trip (2019)

Road Trip is a project that I worked on for Abercrombie and Fitch. I designed a four look lineup based on inspiration from scenery from across the country.

Link to PDF: A&F final project

Kohl’s Kloset (2019)

My entry for the 2019 Kohl’s Design Shark Tank competition. (first place winner)

Link to PDF:

Kohl’s Kloset


Cereal Aisle (2019)

Senior collection work in progress

Tech packs and half scale samples (2019)

Shrimps Pattern-making project (2019)

For this project, I chose to recreate a jacket and dress from the Shrimps Fall/Winter 2019 collection. I did this using Gerber Pattern Design Software. The final project includes detailed technical flats, pictures of the original garment, process photos of half scale developments, screenshots of the pattern design process, tech sheets, spec sheets, and model editors.


“Stand and Roar” 2019.

Stand and Roar is a 4 look collection I developed for Kohl’s Jennifer Lopez line. I was given one week to put together a collection complete with a mood/concept board, fabric/trim board, customer profile, etc. I took inspiration from the jungle and lions because Jennifer Lopez is such a prominent and powerful female celebrity that is extremely bold. I also wanted to be able to capitalize on the current popularity of the safari and utility trends that have been recently been selling in Kohl’s JLO brand competitors.


JLO collection cover pageJLO collection quoteJLO collection mood boardJLO collection customer profileJLO collection fabricsJLO collection lineup


“Artificial” 2019.

Artificial is a collection based on the idea that everyone is trying to be so different that we all become the same, and we start conforming to society’s ideas of beauty. We bake in the sun, we get plastic surgery, and we all pretend to be something that we’re not. I took inspiration from 1950’s housewives, american cheerleaders, and the movie the Stepford Wives, showing picture-perfect housewives in Connecticut. I also drew inspiration from synchronized swimmers and how they all look the same and are doing the same thing, it’s the idea of loss of identity. I utilized a bar code throughout my collection to help carry the “artificial” theme, as if you can buy beauty and as if these girls are for sale. Artificial explores a mix of textile manipulations that represent a loss of identity, and silhouettes inspired by the superficial.

artificial mood boardartificial color storymuse boardartificial pattern developmentartificial textile development 1artificial image transfer processcroquis 2



“Sweet Tooth” 2019.

Sweet Tooth is a collection I created based on the idea of sugar and over-consumption of artificial sweets. I wanted to play with the “kid in a candy store” idea, so I took silhouettes from children’s wear from the 1970’s and adapted them for contemporary women’s wear. I created six original textile development swatches using a variety of materials including actual sweets. I used the textiles to play with texture, pattern, and (of course) lots of color! This collection is all about a mix of fun and playfulness and the “sugar rush” distortion of reality and danger of over-consumption.

kid in a candy store mood boardSweet tooth textiles CFDAsweet tooth process 1sweet tooth process 2sweet tooth process 3sweet tooth final designs 1sweet tooth final designs 2

“Laundry Day.” 2019.

This is a design I created for the 2019 MET scholarship competition. It was selected as a finalist from my school and sent to be judged at the MET in NYC. The requirements for this competition were that the look had to include a jacket, a knit top, and a woven pant. It also had to be based on Susan Sontag’s essay “CAMP: Notes on Fashion.” which talks about the idea of CAMP fashion and what it means for something to have the CAMP element. I chose to base my CAMP design off of a very basic every day chore… laundry. I wanted to take a simple task that is easy to mess up, and make the mistakes intentional, turning it into fashion. I created a look where one pant leg is too short, everything is stuck to the jacket, the shirts shrunk in the wash, and one red sock got in the load and turned the whole ensemble pink. In creating a design that is intentionally a mistake, it creates a layer of irony and humor that is undeniably CAMP!

laundry day mood boardlaundry day processLAUNDRY DAY DESIGN FINALLAUNDRY DAY FLATS FINALSAV_2019Winter_FASH_BrianneOlsen_05.jpgSAV_2019Winter_FASH_BrianneOlsen_06.jpg

Kaiizen Cares Tee Shirt Project 2019.

This is a project I’ve been working on with the Kaiizen Foundation, to help benefit orphans in Baja California, Mexico. I designed tee shirts that could be sold on their website, where 100% of the profits would go to benefit the orphans. After my initial research and test dyes and sample shirts, I traveled down to Mexico with Kaiizen to visit the orphanage and teach the children how to design and make their own tee shirts!

image1 (25)IMG_3322IMG_3325 (1)IMG_3326 (1)IMG_3327 (1)Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset


Original Men’s wear collection “Enough”

This capsule collection is based on the idea of minimalism that was inspired by the popular minimalist documentary. The idea of this collection is that you would buy the whole collection together, because the pieces are simple enough that they can be worn for years without going out of style, but exciting and fresh enough that they are on trend and can be worn and paired with any basics you already own, or mixed and matched with the other pieces in the collection. The idea of sustainability and only owning the pieces that you truly need helped inspire these looks, and the idea that you would only need these few pieces as the statement pieces in your closet, instead of spending money on fast fashion brands over and over again that don’t provide quality pieces, and quickly go out of style.

flatsmen 1man 4men 3men 2men 5

Illustration of Norma Kamali A/W 2018 collection. 2018.

This is an illustration series that I did based on Norma Kamali’s Autumn/Winter 2018 collection for my advanced fashion sketching class. I based the idea of the ad campaign off of 80’s comic books, which was inspired by the 80’s rocker look of the collection.

norma kamali 2norma kamali 1norma kamali 3

Original women’s wear collection, “Existential.” 2018.

This collection was inspired by the stars and the idea of the unknown aspects of the universe.

final fashion mood boardfinal fashion project processfinal project lineup


Original Clothing

“Funfetti” Jacket. 2019



“Emma” Sweater. 2018.

“Annie” Sweater. 2018.



“park avenue” Jacket. 2018.

“Twiggy” dress. 2018.

“Carey” Coat. 2018.

“As If!” Jacket. 2018.

“Trouble” skirt. 2018.

Custom dress for AGT contestant. 2018.

“Maddie” Skirt. 2018


Custom Prom Dress. 2018.



“Abbie” Coat. 2017



“Grease” Jacket and “Lightning” Dress. 2017

“October” Skirt. 2017



“Galaxy Girl” Jacket. 2017.


“Summer” Shirt. 2017.



“Betsy” Button up. 2017.


“Sweetheart” Dress. 2016.

FullSizeRender (19)


“Red hot” Skirt. 2016.