Beach Daze

Howdy from Georgia y’all!!! I’m back and better than ever in my favorite place. 2018 was the CrAzIeSt but the BEST year ever. I was all over the place last year, which was so much fun, but I”m glad to be back in my favorite city to finish out Junior year. I flew in last week at like 5:00am on Friday, and the next day me and Vic went to the beach because I missed Tybee so much!! I hadn’t been since may of last year, and I was dying to go, even though it wasn’t warm enough to swim. So we drove out there and spent a couple hours just hanging out on the beach and we went to our favorite pizza place ever (huc-a-poos!!!!) and we decided to wait on the beach for the sunset, and we were sooo not disappointed. Continue reading

Welcome to New York

Hello again from America!! It’s so nice to be back in the states, as much fun as my summer abroad was, I sure am grateful for air conditioning and unlimited access to taco bell and diet coke 🙂 But, instead of writing from Georgia or Utah as per usual, I’m in New York! I’ve been here for about a month now, and I’ll be here for about six more weeks. I got an internship for the fall semester so I moved out here right after going back to Utah from France. My turnaround time was literally seven days, so that was super crazy stressful, but also really fun. I got this internship SO last minute so it was really hard to find a place to live and get plane tickets and get everything figured out, but I knew I couldn’t give up the opportunity, so here I am, coming at you live from my 200 sq ft studio apartment in Manhattan. Continue reading