Dear November,

Here’s the bad news: Halloween is officially over (cries for days.)

But here’s the good news: It’s November, and November fashion is. my. favorite. ever.

It’s finally, FINALLY starting to cool off here in Savannah! And by “cool off” I mean it’s 75 degrees midday… But I’ll take any temperature less than 80 as an excuse to wear a cute sweater and cozy socks! So here I am, in a sweater. And socks. And boots. Dying of heat. But i’m so happy thinking about the fact that THIS MONTH I will be going back home Continue reading

Southern State of Mind

Hey guys, I’m back! Coming at ya from Savannah, Georgia. So far I am absolutely LOVING this city, and despite being exhausted, stressed, and hungry all the time… college is actually pretty fun. My roommate is a photography major (she took these photos! Check her out at so get ready for some awesome collaborations!! I’m so stoked to be studying at such an awesome school and getting to see new parts of such a beautiful place every day, and I’m mostly excited to be learning so much about what I love…FASHION! Speaking of which, let’s talk a Continue reading