Bri in Burano


Hello hello! I’ve been a little MIA on the blog lately, but I’ve been up to a lot so I thought I would share! So far I’ve had the opportunity to go to some super cool places during the past few weeks in Europe,  and I’ve been taking a lot of fun pictures to share 🙂 these photos are from the day I spent in Burano! Burano is the most picturesque island off of Venice, and I fell in LOVE with it. It’s a tiny beautiful little town full of fisherman and lace makers, and every single house is painted a different color and it was the cutest place I’ve ever been. You can walk the whole island in about 15 minutes, and yet somehow we managed to spend 3 hours there and miss the boat back. So I did what I always do in these sorts of situations. Continue reading

Southern State of Mind

Hey guys, I’m back! Coming at ya from Savannah, Georgia. So far I am absolutely LOVING this city, and despite being exhausted, stressed, and hungry all the time… college is actually pretty fun. My roommate is a photography major (she took these photos! Check her out at so get ready for some awesome collaborations!! I’m so stoked to be studying at such an awesome school and getting to see new parts of such a beautiful place every day, and I’m mostly excited to be learning so much about what I love…FASHION! Speaking of which, let’s talk a Continue reading